Hymenoplasty is a procedure which puts the hymen back into a virginal state. The hymen is a ringlike, flat membrane which partially occludes the vaginal opening until some trauma, usually sexual intercourse, occurs. With intercourse, this “ring” either ruptures or stretches. It might then be more apparent that a woman is not a virgin. Sometimes it becomes desirable for a woman to have her anatomy restored to the way it was before first sexual activity. Some refer to this procedure as “revirgination.” It involves reconstruction of the hymenal ring, whether it is broken or stretched, so that it will appear virginal. That likely will lead to some bleeding and some pain with subsequent “first” intercourse.

Insurance does not cover this procedure. Fortunately, we generally perform hymenoplasty in the office under local anesthesia, making it many times less expensive than if a surgery center or hospital is utilized.