I have been blessed to have wonderful nurses and office personnel. We love to know what is up with our patients, and we welcome calls with concerns and questions.


Lesly “mans” the front desk. She is your point of contact for scheduling appointments and surgeries. She is also the primary contact for billing and insurance questions. She can help you (and me) navigate the sometimes very confusing healthcare system.


Marybeth is the nurse who knows about everything there is to know about how I think and do things. She has a wealth of clinical experience in many other settings from doctors’ offices to ICU. She administers injections and draws blood.. She can answer most clinical questions and help triage your medical concerns to an office visit, a phone call, or a referral.

SCRIBES – I am usually accompained by one of rotating team of medical scribes, also acting as chaperone / assistant. She helps me devote more time to you and less time to documentation.