Are you struggling to enjoy sex after menopause? You’re not alone. It’s estimated that around 50% of post-menopausal women experience pain before, during, or after sex. That ouch factor can not only stop you from experiencing orgasm, but can put you off having sex altogether.

Sex doesn’t have to end when your periods do. Thanks to laser treatment using MonaLisa Touch® here in Nashville, Tennessee, with Dr. John Macey, you can restore your confidence and enjoy sexual encounters again.

Menopause causes several changes that can prevent you from enjoying sex

The hormonal change within your body is the most significant cause of painful and uncomfortable sex. Menopause causes a decline in estrogen within your reproductive system, which can make the tissue in your vagina thin, dry and less elastic.

That dryness causes friction, which makes sex uncomfortable. And, with the loss of elasticity, your vagina stretches less, which can make accommodating your partner difficult.

Anxiety around having sex can also become an issue due to these changes. When you’re expecting sex to be difficult and painful, you may begin to dread getting intimate with your partner. This in itself can prevent your vagina from self-lubricating in readiness for sex, adding to the dryness and tightness caused by the hormonal changes.

The MonaLisa Touch is a safe laser treatment that can help you enjoy sex again

The MonaLisa Touch is a non-invasive CO2 laser that stimulates your vaginal tissue to restore lubrication and elasticity to make sex comfortable and enjoyable again. The laser penetrates the surface and deeper layers of tissue in your vagina to produce collagen and elastin, essential for vaginal elasticity, along with promoting better blood flow to improve lubrication and reduce dryness.

A small wand is gently inserted into your vagina and rotated 360 degrees as the laser sends waves of energy deep into the tissue. Working on a cellular level, the tissue is prompted by the laser wand to produce more collagen and elastin fibers. This reinforces the tissue you have now, strengthens it, and restores elasticity.

Treatment with the MonaLisa Touch is comfortable, with many women saying it feels like a gentle vibration, and the insertion of the probe being the most uncomfortable part of the session. A course of sessions is required lasting for three treatments, each spaced six weeks apart. But with each session lasting just 5 minutes, you won’t find it difficult to fit into your schedule.

Treatment with MonaLisa Touch has a 90% satisfaction rate

You may feel improvement after your very first treatment, although you should avoid having sex for at least four days after each session. Full benefits are reached at the end of the 18-week period, although you should expect to come back annually for maintenance treatment to keep your vagina tissue working as it should to keep your sex life enjoyable.

The good news is that the results will last as long as you want them to, providing you revisit Dr. John Macey annually for your maintenance treatment.

Once collagen and elastin fibers have been produced, they will begin to gradually deteriorate over time. In order to keep the results long-lasting and effective following your course of treatment, a touch-up session is required to stimulate new tissue growth once a year.

MonaLisa Touch is a simple, yet effective treatment that can have you feeling comfortable and happy with your sex life again. To find out more, schedule your consultation with Dr. Macey or give the office a call at 629-205-2938.

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